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Writing for Children

I love writing for children. Wait, that's not exactly how it is. The truth is, I am an overgrown child who writes funny stories for herself and then shares them with the world. In fact, my entry to the world of fiction writing started with short stories for children during my stint at The Telegraph… Continue reading Writing for Children

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Crazy Veena

It happened again. Somebody in class put the apostrophe in the wrong place and Veena was angry. Her classmates thought that she was a nice girl, but they didn’t understand why punctuation mattered so much to her. “You are not our English teacher,” they complained sometimes. But Mr. Ghosh, the English teacher, supported Veena. “Yes… Continue reading Crazy Veena

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Fat Girl

"You are beautiful," her mother tried to make her feel better at home. "You need more confidence," said her brother. She nodded as if she agreed with them. The truth was that she didn't believe her mother and she wanted to laugh at her sibling. She wanted to tell them to put themselves in her… Continue reading Fat Girl

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Body Image Series 2

"The annual swimming competition will be next Monday," announced the teacher. Rita's heart started pounding. She needed to get sick by Monday. She couldn't bear to see the other girls looking so nice when a swimsuit would make her look like a big hippo. But mother would be angry - five years of swimming lessons… Continue reading Body Image Series 2