Book 3 is coming!

Book 3 is on its way to you. It’s called Just me, the Sink & the Pot. Inspired by my own experiences as an overweight child and teenager, this novella will take you through one girl’s school days. From being fat shamed to wishing for a Valentine, you’ll experience the terrible teens. My first book, What Would I Tell Her @ 13 was another reason I decided that Just me, the Sink & the Pot MUST reach readers. Young girls, parents of overweight daughters, educators – my protagonist’s story will make you feel. It’ll make you laugh and cry and hopefully inspire you to make sure that no young woman feels inferior to others around her.

Available on Amazon soon.

Borrowed Books

Her bookshelves decorated the walls. Spines of various colours stood out in the sunshine that came through the windows. She had spent hours here, running her fingers over the titles. If she caught a speck of dust on her beloved possessions, she would clean it away immediately. Only one section bothered her; it was the shelf that had two empty slots. She never should’ve let them borrow her books.

Her Story

Nobody was allowed to touch her books. Only her mother could borrow one or two with a signature of promise. Nobody came close to her writing. Her computer stayed locked and her notes rested beneath a mattress. The little boy did not know all this. “Let me see your story,” he demanded. “There are many,” she replied, hugging her notes. He wandered over to her desk. Nobody had done that before. She didn’t breathe. The wise little eyes pleaded, “Please tell me your story.”