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New book this month

This month, I will be publishing an updated version of my first book (What Would I Tell Her @ 13). This is a nonfiction book for parents and anyone else attempting to understand teen girls. While the book will be available in ebook format from November 15th, some Amazon country sites will let you pre-order… Continue reading New book this month

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A Christmas Romance & more

Coming soon on Amazon Kindle So, I haven’t written a Christmas story since A Perfect New York Christmas in 2017. This year, I wrote a short story to bring in the festive season. A Christmas Tail is a sweet romance. It’s a quick read dedicated to all the cat ladies out there. Watch this space… Continue reading A Christmas Romance & more

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Publication Day: Past Marriageable Age

Past Marriageable Age: A feel-good romance novella Genre: Women’s Fiction Length: 75 pages (novella) Format: Kindle edition Blurb Koel is almost 40 years old and too old to be married — according to Indian society. She's a successful lawyer and a bookworm and quite happy living like a nun until she meets Ranbir Ray. Significantly… Continue reading Publication Day: Past Marriageable Age

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A Month of Loss & A Request for Support

I apologise for my silence here. God/Fate has put my family through a horrible one month of loss. Plus, there were health issues making me unproductive and unhappy until a hundred medical tests were done and thousands of rupees were spent. So my last post, was a poem on grief, dedicated to my aunt who… Continue reading A Month of Loss & A Request for Support