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Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety and depression can make you believe that you don’t deserve love or appreciation. It can make you doubt yourself every minute that you’re awake. There’s fear of rejection and a lack of self worth that stop you from doing so many things. I’ve always been open about my mental health and about mental health… Continue reading Overcoming Anxiety

Rambles and rants

Anxiety And My Writing Process – Sudesna Ghosh — Dann Alexander

For the second time, I’m happy to welcome back to these pages my colleague Sudesna (Sue) Ghosh. Based in India, Sue is an author, cat mom and advocate for mental health and animals. You will find her Amazon Author Page here and on Twitter . Anxiety sucks. It’s been my friend/enemy for some years now. […]Anxiety… Continue reading Anxiety And My Writing Process – Sudesna Ghosh — Dann Alexander

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Mental Health for Writers

A lot of creative types including myself and famous authors in history have suffered from mental health issues. I don't believe in romanticising the idea of artists being mentally ill because I know authors and poets and others in our category who have no history of such sickness.  Another reason that this isn't an idea… Continue reading Mental Health for Writers

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A Writing Process to Reduce Anxiety

Writing is fun. Writing doesn’t seem like work to me. Yet, my anxiety levels rise before I begin each manuscript. Why? Because it isn’t easy writing stories and books  without asking myself questions like, will I ever finish this OR will my readers like this protagonist and story? You may be surprised to hear about… Continue reading A Writing Process to Reduce Anxiety

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Anxiety & the New Year

Happy New Year to you all! I'm back to work after allowing myself a couple of weeks to not stress about writing the next book. And I just realised that I must be the only writer online who has NOT written a long post about 2017 achievements and about my goals for 2018. The fact… Continue reading Anxiety & the New Year