About Me


Hello and thank you for visiting my site. A graduate of University of Rochester (USA), I started my writing and editing career with print journalism. After a stint with one of India’s major media houses, I decided to take the freelance path.

My writing has been featured in magazines including Prevention India and New Woman India. My features have also appeared in the career and education supplements of Times of India and The Telegraph (India). I am the author of many short stories too; these have been published in seven Chicken Soup titles, TeleKids, Gokulam, The Statesman, Tinkle (in comics form) and more.

I joined the publishing world as a writer in 2014. My first nonfiction book – What Would I Tell Her @ 13 – was published by Harlequin India that year. The second book, also a nonfiction work – News Now – was released by Harper Collins India in 2016.

In my new role as an authorpreneur, I have self published six fiction ebooks on Amazon since 2017. The first one is called Can a Fat Girl Get a First Kiss? and tells the story of an overweight girl’s experiences with negative body image. The second one is a collection of humorous short stories about a cat expert and his cats (The Adventures of Ernie Fish). And the next three are my romance novellas (My Singapore Fling & A Perfect New York Christmas) with a middle grade children’s book in between. I began 2018 with a romantic short story.

As a freelance editor, I specialise in business editing and book manuscript editing. I am used to crazy corporate deadlines. My clients from the past and the present include The Boston Consulting Group, TCS and several self published authors.

I am also an experienced content marketing specialist who knows how to provide engaging, targeted content in the form of regular blog posts for my clients’ audience.

When I’m not writing or reading, I try to do what I can for animals.


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