About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my site. A graduate of University of Rochester (USA), I am a storyteller with short stories published in 7 Chicken Soup titles and in publications across India. My feature articles have appeared in Times of India portals and publications, The Telegraph (India), Prevention magazine, and more. While I have written short stories for an adult audience, my short stories for children have been published more widely in TeleKids (Ananda Bazaar Group) etc. A few of my short stories have been converted into comics for children (Tinkle and Gokulam).

My first nonfiction book – What Would I Tell Her @ 13 – was published by Harlequin India in 2014. The second book, also a non fiction work – News Now – was released by Harper Collins India in 2016.

In my new role as an authorpreneur, I have self published three fiction books on Amazon in 2017. The first one is called Just me, the Sink & the Pot and tells the story of an overweight girl’s experiences with negative body image. The second one is a collection of humorous short stories about a cat expert and his cats (The Adventures of Ernie Fish). And the latest is my international romance novella called My Singapore Fling.

As a freelance editor, I specialise in business editing and book manuscript editing. I am used to crazy corporate deadlines. My clients from the past and the present include The Boston Consulting Group, TCS and self published authors.

I am also an experienced content marketing specialist who knows how to provide engaging, targeted content for my clients’ audience.

When I’m not writing or reading, I try to do what I can for animals.

(Photo credit: Vijayshree Singh)


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