My Trip to Chhattisgarh

I just realised that I haven’t posted any photographs from my recent trip to Chhattisgarh. My three day trip allowed me to see the city of Raipur, the city of Bhilai nearby, two villages near Bhilai, and a third village where I found myself giving a motivational speech to a large group of school students… Continue reading My Trip to Chhattisgarh


Self diagnosed with the Travel Bug

I’ve recently been self-diagnosed with the travel bug. Last year, I visited four Indian cities and this year, I’m already packing for my second trip to yet another Indian city (Raipur). You see, I have a fascination for planes and airports - which is why I wrote my novella My Singapore Fling. My first journey… Continue reading Self diagnosed with the Travel Bug

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Ornie & his Brothers – A short story for kids

There was a small town called Lake Gardens near the big city of Kolkata. In the small town was a small house called Orange. Inside the little house lived a small boy and his even smaller brothers. The small boy’s name was Ornie. His brothers were called O’Henry and Pumpkin. And there were the cousins.… Continue reading Ornie & his Brothers – A short story for kids