Notions of Love

She knew what she wanted. His mind tossed and turned between the possibilities.  They both claimed it was love, but real life made sure that their feelings were not priority. It seemed easier to be apart than to create an explosive mess. She finally admitted that love wasn't enough. And she blamed the books and…Read more Notions of Love


A Different Voice

Every note stung. Each gesture resembled a sharp slap. His eyes pierced into hers with venom. The paper in his hand could have been a murderous weapon, instead of a mere legal conclusion. She sat like a wall of armor, only moving to blink. As their dining table shared the brunt of his anger, she…Read more A Different Voice

Breakfast Time

He bit into his toast. She focused her attention on the melting butter that rested on her pancakes. The rhythm of the kettle kept things under control for a bit. Then he made the coffee that burned his tongue and left her wrist scalded. He threw the kettle onto the floor while her butter lay…Read more Breakfast Time


In all Fairness

The sun streamed heavily on her face. "Ugh," she grunted, throwing her soft, pale hands over her cheeks. She turned her eyes and nose toward the tree that received her silent thanks for being the savior. He stood by her with confusion all over his lightly tanned face. "Why are we avoiding the beautiful sunlight?"…Read more In all Fairness


Ira Finds Her Home

"Ira! Kemon acho? Are you here for a holiday?” The familiar voice broke Ira’s thoughts. Which wasn’t such a bad thing really, she thought. “Hello, Uncle,” she replied while she watched the old neighbour inspect her from head to toe. No sindoor. No bangle. Clad in capris and a tee shirt. He had his answer.…Read more Ira Finds Her Home