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My New Kindle Release

Momma's boy, Debojit, is on the search for the perfect bride. Join him and his parents as they visit potential life partners. Expect some surprises for poor Debojit and his mother. Check out my short story on Amazon Kindle. Always free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Amazon India: Amazon USA: Amazon UK:

Fiction, Human behaviour, Love, Marriage, Priorities, Women

Notions of Love

She knew what she wanted. His mind tossed and turned between the possibilities.  They both claimed it was love, but real life made sure that their feelings were not priority. It seemed easier to be apart than to create an explosive mess. She finally admitted that love wasn't enough. And she blamed the books and… Continue reading Notions of Love

Fiction, Human behaviour, Indians, Love, Marriage, Men, Priorities, Psychology, Women

In all Fairness

The sun streamed heavily on her face. "Ugh," she grunted, throwing her soft, pale hands over her cheeks. She turned her eyes and nose toward the tree that received her silent thanks for being the savior. He stood by her with confusion all over his lightly tanned face. "Why are we avoiding the beautiful sunlight?"… Continue reading In all Fairness