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The Abnormal Woman

When she followed her heart, they accused her of breaking rules. Every time she listened to her own mind, they said that she should try to be more like the others. "To get married is the normal thing to do," they argued with passion. They did not understand that she was alright being labelled abnormal,… Continue reading The Abnormal Woman

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In all Fairness

The sun streamed heavily on her face. "Ugh," she grunted, throwing her soft, pale hands over her cheeks. She turned her eyes and nose toward the tree that received her silent thanks for being the savior. He stood by her with confusion all over his lightly tanned face. "Why are we avoiding the beautiful sunlight?"… Continue reading In all Fairness

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Celebrating Durga Puja

The sounds of the rhythmic dhak filled the air. Materialism was at its best, with everybody in their new attire. As the priest recited prayers for the rest, laughter, flirtation, and gossip took the stage. They stood in groups to eat. They silently judged each other's clothing and jewellery. Only one little boy sought the… Continue reading Celebrating Durga Puja