Life Goes On

Little was said. Too much was felt. The words tore them apart, erasing the good years. Only photographs kept the evidence. Their love for each other was pushed to the back of their hearts. And life went on.


Ending it right

"I can't share you with so many people," she complained. "But they're my friends," she replied. They continued walking in silence. She tried again. "But I'm like your sister!" They had reached the end of the long road. "Let's take one last selfie?" When the camera clicked, none of them were smiling. Still, she posted…Read more Ending it right

Rimi, Monkey, & Goat – A tiny story for kids

In the city of Kolkata, lived a little girl called Rimi. Rimi was always happy, because she had her friend Goat. Goat knew Rimi from the day he was born outside on the sidewalk. He waited for her every morning and evening. “Biscuits for my Goat,” Rimi would say. She carried a packet of milk…Read more Rimi, Monkey, & Goat – A tiny story for kids