My Writerly RitualsĀ 

Most professional writers have a daily routine. Some wake up early to write before the other family members demand their attention. Others work later in the day when everyone else is out. And then there are the night owls who love writing when everything else and everyone else is out of the way. It isn't…Read more My Writerly RitualsĀ 


Being a Writer and Explaining It Too

Being a writer is awesome, especially when people ask you or your parents what you do. I love the confused looks on people's faces every time they hear that I write books and other readable stuff. It's also fun and not annoying anymore when they assume I don't work at all. Most people like to…Read more Being a Writer and Explaining It Too

4 Ways to Manage Your Writing Time

We full time writers are familiar with people's surprised/angry reactions to unanswered calls and our reluctance to leave the desk during our precious writing time. The truth is, most people think working from home means that you have no work schedule to follow. But we should have discipline. Time management can be easy if you…Read more 4 Ways to Manage Your Writing Time