Rejection & the Child

It seemed too harsh. She had spent long nights weaving the tale. When her friends had been out at the movies, she’d been stuck to her laptop. When her mother had asked for company, she’d refused. Plus, her dog’s requests for belly rubs had been ignored. “So will I ever be an author,” she asked the dark clouds. It rained. “The clouds feel so bad that they’re crying,” said her mother. The little girl remembered to smile.

I Must See You Again

I stood there calling to you,

Not believing you were gone.

I cried and fed the others,

Without you standing there.

I still see you greeting me,

But then I see you lying like that.

Now I only wish to meet you,

And all my other children.

Wait for me with love,

Be there for me when it’s time.

They say you all wait at the gate,

We must be together again.