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Anxiety & the New Year

Happy New Year to you all! I'm back to work after allowing myself a couple of weeks to not stress about writing the next book. And I just realised that I must be the only writer online who has NOT written a long post about 2017 achievements and about my goals for 2018. The fact… Continue reading Anxiety & the New Year

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A Few Words on World Suicide Prevention Day

Do you know how it feels to be hopeless? To feel as if you have nothing to look forward to and nobody to understand the constant raging storm in your heart? I do. Do you know how it feels to hate yourself and your life and everything around you day after day, month after month,… Continue reading A Few Words on World Suicide Prevention Day

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Fat Girl

"You are beautiful," her mother tried to make her feel better at home. "You need more confidence," said her brother. She nodded as if she agreed with them. The truth was that she didn't believe her mother and she wanted to laugh at her sibling. She wanted to tell them to put themselves in her… Continue reading Fat Girl