Body Image Series 3

She wanted a boyfriend like the popular girls in class always had one. But who’d like her? “I’m so fat and ugly,” she told herself every time she dared to have a crush. Her sister told her to just go and say, “I like you.” But how could she? Sometimes she wondered if she hated herself. And sometimes she answered with a yes.

Moving On

“Time will heal everything,” they’d said. She knew that sounded too easy. Some people wondered why she took so long when others forgot so soon. “The healing process is unique for all,” she’d reply. Nobody was satisfied with her progress but she didn’t care. The day she realised that she had moved on, she defined healing as new habit that we are forced into.

Amusing Art

Hello there.

Most of this year has been hellish for me. I decided to make myself smile every day with the help of my art. I am an artist of words but I’m having fun drawing stuff that seems to make other people laugh or smile too. Please check out my Facebook page @amusingartbysue for your daily dose of amusement. Oh, Amusing Art is on Instagram too (amusingart).

Let me know if you like my not so artistic art 🙂

Finding Beauty

“If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, then I guess everybody thinks I’m ugly,” the young girl told her mother with no emotion in her voice. She was sick of feeling like she didn’t belong to the world. And she knew the reason. It was why she hated buying clothes and would kill all mirrors if she could. But her mother said something that made her think: It all starts with you, honey. Why don’t you see your own beauty?