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Sometimes… (A poem)

Sometimes we know, That it isn’t in our hands. Sometimes we wish, That we weren’t so helpless. Sometimes we feel so much, That our hearts can’t stop us. And sometimes we just cry, Because there is nothing else to do. A note: I just saw a picture of a burnt roo in the Australia bushfires.… Continue reading Sometimes… (A poem)

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Mental Health for Writers

A lot of creative types including myself and famous authors in history have suffered from mental health issues. I don't believe in romanticising the idea of artists being mentally ill because I know authors and poets and others in our category who have no history of such sickness.  Another reason that this isn't an idea… Continue reading Mental Health for Writers

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Good Mental Health is Wealth

Do you love yourself? Have you been nice to yourself lately? Stop being so hard on yourself. Are you taking time out for self care? No, I’m not talking about visiting an expensive spa every week; I’m asking you if you’re taking that leisurely walk without your phone stuck to you. I’m suggesting that you… Continue reading Good Mental Health is Wealth