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The New Year’s Resolution

"Quick, it's almost midnight!" Rishi's friends were tired of waiting. They had all declared their New Year's Resolutions weeks ago. Only Rishi had no idea about his resolutions. Every time that they asked him, he just shrugged. "Come on, Rishi," pouted his best friend Shelly. She and Raja had the same resolutions for 2016: they… Continue reading The New Year’s Resolution

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Pink Dresses – Part I

She’s coming back, finally!” Sree exclaimed. Shreya frowned. “No, she isn’t. It’s just for two weeks,” she corrected her friend. Sree stopped grinning but refused to be sad. “We haven’t seen her in one year,” she thought out loud. The same question was stuck in both their minds: would Rhea be the same as before?… Continue reading Pink Dresses – Part I