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Settling down

Her parents asked her to meet their friends’ son. To maintain peace and her sanity, Rhea agreed. Dressed in her usual casual way, she refused to wear bright red lipstick to her mother’s disappointment. The older woman pleaded with her daughter, “Please put some effort in your appearance. Just for today.” 

Rhea looked her in the eye and said, “Ma, what is the point of showing him someone I’m not? If he wants to marry me, he should know the real me.”

The father shook his head. Rhea had never been the sort of girl who dressed up and tried new hairstyles. She even thought it was a waste of time to spend hours at the salon, so a few grey hairs were visible near her forehead.

“Please. We want you to settle down before we die,” her mother cried.

Rhea laughed. She hated how every woman’s parents defined ‘settling down’. In her eyes, she was happy and living her life exactly how she wanted to. To her, that was what settling down meant. 

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