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Two Bookworms in Love

When their eyes met, she knew he was reading her thoughts. When he held her hand, she felt like they’d been together for years. These few months had changed her life – or rather, that one day that they’d met in the bookstore, was a new beginning. Reading books and sipping coffee at the coffee shop was their favourite weekend activity. The silence was not a problem. Every time she looked up, he gave her his warmest smile.

Squeezing her hand, he said, “I have a gift for you. Close your eyes.”

She wasn’t one of those women who expected a diamond ring but the package tied with a red ribbon surprised her. It was an eBook reader!

“Thank you so much,” she grinned.

He asked her to open the box. Her fingers were clumsy with excitement and a note fell out of the box. It said:

May I propose that we share a house and a gigantic bookshelf?

May I ask you to join me in bed with a book every night?

We could raise/create a beautiful library in one room.



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