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Hello & Happy New Year

It’s 2021. The pandemic continues. Books and cats continue to keep most of us happy and entertained. There are those who are going out maskless and hanging out in close groups as if the new year has cancelled the pandemic. Well, I’m doing my best to stay safe and healthy.

Speaking of books, did I mention that I signed a contract last month for two of my romance novellas? They’ll be published by an Indian publisher soon. None of my ebooks are available on Amazon now but you’ll find most of them on Kobo, Nook and Apple Books. Some of them are on Google Play too.

I have not written any new short stories or novellas recently for various reasons, but I can feel the writing bug getting to me again. It’s hard to stop being a writer once you start being one. It’s impossible to stop being a writer no matter how sad or mad you are at the world. Once a writer, always a writer. That’s me.

I wish everyone peace, health and happiness in 2021.

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