Rambles and rants

Hello December

I hope this blog post finds you warm and cosy. I hope it finds you at peace. Social media is full of positivity messages and people who believe in positive vibes 24/7, every day of the year. Well, humans have a wide range of emotions, so I find the toxic positivity nauseating. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I prefer to take life one day at a time. On the bad days, I try to take it one moment at a time. Thinking about an entire month ahead of me, with so many possibilities – both bad and good – makes my heart race. There are people buying planners and calendars for next year already. I can’t imagine thinking that far ahead. I’ll buy the planner after 2021 arrives. It isn’t just about anxiety now – there’s so much uncertainty in the world. Life has changed drastically for all of us. Yes, it has changed very little for me as I’m an introvert and major homebody anyway, but that doesn’t stop scary news from reaching me. From losing people my family knew, to sharing grief with unknown people whose stories fill the news pages, it’s been terribly sad. As always, I attempt to appreciate and hold onto the precious moments with my loved ones, especially the sweet animals in my life.

I do not have any upcoming book release to announce right now but please do check out my updated My Books page on this blog. Most of my previously published short stories and novellas are available across platforms including Nook, Apple Books and Kobo now. A few of them will be published later by a publisher in India.

Happy reading! Stay safe.

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