A Quitter or Not?

She felt lost. Her goals seemed silly now. They would call her a quitter. But what if she wanted to start afresh? Following a new path wasn’t quitting — it was an act of bravery. They said she was weak. They laughed and labelled her a loser.

One day she asked, “Are you walking in my shoes?”

They looked confused.

And then she continued, “More importantly, are you able to see inside my heart?”

Her question forced them to look inside their own.

4 thoughts on “A Quitter or Not?”

  1. Thoughtful. Yes, following a new path requires courage. And quitting is not always bad or a sign of weakness. If something doesn’t give you joy and seems stressful, it’s better to quit and do something joyful and fruitful. I did it recently. šŸ™‚

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