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Why do you write?

Why do you write?

Is it because you want to see your name on book covers and scream to the world that you’re an author?

Or, is it because you’re a bookworm who wants to stay inside the world of books?

Are you writing for money?

Don’t laugh off that question — being a writer shouldn’t automatically mean that you don’t deserve to make money from it.

Is it a quest for fame that makes you write day and night?

Perhaps, you want to see your pictures splashed all over the place?

Or, are you writing because you can’t seem to do anything else so well?

Maybe you’re an introvert who likes to stay behind the computer and away from other humans?

Well, for me, it’s a little bit of all of these BUT mostly, I write because I can’t imagine life without writing stories. I write because I’m miserable when I don’t write.

P.S. You’ll be seeing a new short story from me later this month. Hope you enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Why do you write?”

  1. Yes, all of these, to some extent, except I don’t want to see my pictures splashed all over the place. And money is important if you’re doing it as a profession. Only popular writers who are already making money would say, ‘I don’t write for money.’ or ‘Don’t write for fame.’ or ‘Write for yourself.’ etc…

    I write because I cannot not write. It’s a really long break for my manuscript but I write poems, short stories, short scenes etc… Because my mind is over occupied all the time and writing brings solace. It’s so disturbing when ideas/scenes/conversation are whirling inside your head and you’re not able to write it.

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