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Hi everyone. I hope this blog post finds you safe and healthy. Our world has changed so suddenly. As an introvert, I’m not feeling that bad about being stuck at home — although I miss writing in coffee shops. I work from home anyway, so the biggest change has been getting used to grocery and cat supplies delivery. In fact, I like this game of ‘Catch a Delivery Slot’ very much. Once I get a slot after days, I feel like a winner.

While freelance work and household chores have been keeping me busy, I’m happy to report that I’ve put my three romantic short stories into a single kindle book. This means that you save money if you don’t buy them separately. Sadly, I have not been motivated enough to start the next WIP BUT it’s gradually reaching completion in my head😺

My fellow writers; it is a pandemic. Life is hard. Don’t pressure yourself to prove something. To anyone. Create because it makes you feel good. Create because that’s what you know best. When you look after yourself and your loved ones, make it a point to check your mental health too. Self care, help lines, video calls with your shrink — do what you need to survive.

If someone on social media is making you anxious with demands for constant chirpy positivity, go ahead and tap on mute. If you’re unable to focus and be extra productive right now, feel free to mute anyone who is making you anxious with massive word counts every day.

Take care ❤️

2 thoughts on “Lockdown”

  1. Well said. This lockdown doesn’t bother me, as I am almost a recluse and like staying at home. Avoid meeting people. The only thing that I am missing is that state of mind when we were not scared of a virus and when children were happily going to school.

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