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What Writers Need

Being a writer is a full time job. If you’re not writing or plotting your next on paper, you’re thinking about every detail in your always busy head. Vacation? What’s that? Those few days when you sit on the beach with your brain processing new story ideas and things that could be fixed in the current WIP? The thing is, we writers are in the same boat with all other creative professionals including singers and artists — we are putting in our hundred percent to make a mark in a scenario where consumers have millions to choose from. No wonder most of us forget to comb our hair on our best days.

In such a reality, there are tools that we need to make our stressful lives a little less crazy. I think we can start with the fancy items:

  • A beautiful hardwood desk
  • A writing room
  • A lifelong supply of pretty stationery
  • A cook
  • A maid
  • A babysitter/cat sitter/dog sitter
  • A rich father/grandfather or husband

    Well, we can wish for at least one or two items on this list. Coming to the not-so-fancy items:
  • A cute notebook and a stack of coloured index cards for every WIP
  • An author friend who loves to read your work and give honest feedback
  • Coffee and cookies
  • Earplugs if you like silence
  • A laptop
  • A couple of highlighters to make your notes pretty
  • Editing and proofreading software
  • Someone who can take over chores during the crucial days of writing (beginning and end and edits)
  • Food delivery at home
  • A cat
  • Pens
  • A fluffy blanket for naps in between writing sessions
  • Airplane mode on your mobile
  • More cats

What are your must-have writing tools?

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