Body Image Woes

How was it being inside a smaller, slimmer body? She longed to know. In her quest to attain conventional beauty, she tried everything from throwing up her food to starving for hours. Slim privilege existed in high school and she found out years later that the grown-up world had it too. Imagine her shock when she met someone who was the right size and perfect shape but still miserable about the way she looked!

4 thoughts on “Body Image Woes”

  1. “Conventional beauty” is such a lie.

    I was shopping for jeans today. Styles keep changing, and the only pair I could find that fit me nicely was quite wide at the bottoms of the legs. They looked funny to me. They looked unflattering to me. I wanted my skinny bottomed jeans back.

    And then, I remembered:

    I used to wear wide-bottomed jeans. I used to think they made me look sexy, and I used to think that skinny jeans were unflattering. Why? Because that’s what I’d grown accustomed to, that’s what the world told me was beautiful at that time.

    Our minds are incredibly sensitive to whatever the world tells us is beautiful. I wonder: what kind of life could we live if we embraced the unique and BEAUTIFUL shapes of our own bodies?

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