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Writers & Writing

Writing is hard because every word means so much to us.

Not writing is harder because the guilt causes sharp pain.

Writing is our passion.

But writing should pay more than peanuts.

Writing isn’t so hard once you begin.

But some of us are the best procrastinators.

Writing is like breathing for us.

Not writing involves feelings of suffocation.

Writing makes us happy.

And great reviews of our writing make us even happier.

Writers often live in caves of solitude with their cats and coffee.

Yet, we take a deep interest in human nature and relationships for stories.

Writers can never have enough stationery.

Although money for book buying sprees is more important.

Writers will keep on writing.

Filling the world with stories.

2 thoughts on “Writers & Writing”

  1. Yes, and yes, and yes, and yes, etc. We writers are an intriguing bunch.

    Yet, pursuing writing in the the last couple years has actually helped me to understand what drives my husband. He’s also a creative person. He just forms his art with metal and engineering projects. I love that we can understand each other better, even if we don’t understand each other’s art. 🙂

    Here are a few more thoughts on our writing quirks on my blog: https://saralivingfree.com/2019/11/24/an-out-of-context-interview-one-year-anniversary-post/

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