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A Few Holiday Reminders for Writers 

It’s party time/family drama time for a lot of you. I will be celebrating my own way with fruit cake, Christmas cookies, my cats and Kindle. I’ve been on a writing break for the last one month so I may write a short story or two during these festive weeks. I’m shockingly productive during festivals and party seasons somehow. In fact, some of my biggest word counts have been produced during Durga Puja or the year end. Maybe it’s because everyone else is busy with their own thing and I do my best to drown out the noise around me. As I prepare to get under the blankets and start my version of partying, I want to remind my fellow writers about some things. 

1) You are still a writer even if you can’t fit in any writing during the year end craziness.

2) Anything that happens at family gatherings or parties can be used in your next story.

3) People will ask you how the writing ‘thing’ is going or they’ll wonder why your book STILL isn’t finished. Just remember that non writers REALLY have no idea about our lives.

4) If someone gifts you cute stationery or a gift card for the bookstore,  make a special note. This person is a keeper ❤️

5) Keep that notebook in your pocket/bag incase a story idea pops up mid-Christmas dinner. Excuse yourself and jot it down in the bathroom.

6) Have an answer ready for the mind wrenching question — So what is your book about?

7) There will be someone or many who will say they want to write a book someday. They may have mentioned this to you the last time you’d met. Keep calm and say, “Oh!”

That’s all for now. Wishing everyone a safe and pleasant year end.

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