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Using Social Media Wisely

Social media is not evil. Some people using it are a**holes because some people will always enjoy picking fights, being rude, sending photos of their private parts to random women. If you stop and look at how amazing social media can be if you use it wisely, you’d have a long list. I can’t imagine my life without the fellow author and cat mom friends I’ve made online. People who belittle virtual friendships have no idea about how wonderful bonds can form over the distance and the Internet. For an introvert and someone who can’t afford to fly off to different countries to meet people and learn about various cultures, social media is a godsend. And think about the amazing amount of good that has been done when it comes to fundraising for both human and animal causes. Social media has made it so easy to bring people with common interests together so they can actually make a difference. Kindness does exist even if 24/7 news makes us believe otherwise. With all that said, there are times that social media can get to you. Over the last few months, I’ve made myself a set of rules to make sure that my social media time is mostly positive.

1) Use social media as long as it brings you joy. The moment you start feeling anything other than joy, you log off!

2) Unfollow or mute anyone who makes you feel bad. There’s no need to be apologetic. Protect your own mental health.

3) Comparison can impair you. There will always be someone who seems richer, prettier, more successful, happier — log off for a bit if you start the comparison downward spiral.

4) Block anyone who you find toxic if they bother you. Exes. Family members. Anyone.

5) Whether you are using social media for marketing your business and products or for your entertainment, spend time engaging with others. You’ll be surprised at how many friendships you’ll build.

6) If you feel like your social media time is eating into other things that you regret leaving undone, make a habit of logging off or switching off your phone and leaving it in another room for thirty minutes a day. Make it an hour some days.

7) If any particular social media channel is bringing you distress on a regular basis, you can close your account. Many people I know have de-activated their Facebook accounts. If it brings you peace, it’s worth it.

8) If a complete closure of account makes you anxious, how about deleting the app from your phone so you use it less often?

Remember, social media isn’t all bad. Just like other things in life, there are pros and cons and as unique individuals we need to figure out what works for us and what doesn’t 🙂

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