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Reminders for Writers

Have you written something today?

No? That’s okay. Start NOW and be proud of yourself even if you get in a hundred words. Because every word matters.

Are you doubting yourself today?

Yes? Stop it. Be kind to yourself. Don’t think and say mean things.

Did you compare yourself to another writer today?

Yes? A little? A lot? Stop torturing yourself. Work on being a better you every day — so compare your yesterday to today. I’m sure you’ve progressed in some way.

Is your cat being a good mewse (muse) today?

No? Give him/her some extra treats and boop the nose too!

Do you click Save enough times during your writing process?

Well, you definitely should! And back up your work. Every word of it.

Do you remember leaving your computer for a bit?

No? Take a walk or do some meowga (yoga). The mind needs rest and exercise.

Have you checked your book sales stats today?

Yes? Don’t waste your time and mental state checking again today. Tomorrow should be alright.

Are you drinking water?

I hope so. Because soda and coffee aren’t the same thing.

Am I done preaching?

Yes. But know that I try to practise what I preach.


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