The Small Things Aren’t That Small

December hasn’t come yet and people are busy making lists of their 2019 accomplishments. Some are going a step further and talking about the last decade of accomplishments. I see stuff about people buying their first car or getting a book deal. I also see people who remember that they’ve been strong even in times of grief. And then there are those who’ve made progress with their travel bucket lists. Very cool. It makes me realise how differently we all define happiness and success for ourselves. As someone who has focused on self care and mental health recently, I see my accomplishments in a totally different light. Sure, I’ve published more books and stories this year but I think the major point is that I did all that even when anxiety was taking over my life. Sure, I made it to Delhi for a quick trip but more importantly, I challenged my anxious feelings about travel and made the trip possible. And of course, I did my best to keep my cats happy and safe. To me, these are achievements. And oh, I learned to say no. Clearly and unapologetically. Big one for me. We can be kind people but still say no when we need to think about our own feelings and needs. So yes, 2019 did see me creating boundaries.

We still have over a month to go and I try to treat January 1st like any other day of the year but I just want everyone to know that you can look back at the year/the decade/your life without comparing your milestones to that of others — we are all unique 🙂

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