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The Author Life

Last week, I travelled to the Delhi/NCR region for a mini break. My struggle with anxiety had kept me busy and unable to travel for almost two years, so this was a much needed trip. While I got to spend quality time with an author friend who is my mentor too, I met another author friend for the first time over pizza and mocktails. Good food and conversation — including rich and creamy cheesecake at Theo’s, made me very happy.

Some say that we writers never stop working and I think they’re right. Even when I’m not writing on paper or on my laptop, I’m brainstorming for the next story or plotting details. In fact, as I was waiting for my flight to Delhi, I got a brilliant idea for the next book and managed to jot down a basic outline as soon as I got onto the plane. Yes, of course I always carry a cute notebook and pen.

Once I reached my destination and found myself in the company of fellow writers, I got all motivated to get my fingers tapping. We talked about publishing, self publishing, word counts, formats, content, and how writers are doing much more than writing books these days. We also spoke about our writing habits and decided to attempt NaNoWriMo together next month.

A major highlight of my trip was my sudden meeting with an avid reader at the bookstore. I noticed my first book What Would I Tell Her @ 13 on the shelves and exclaimed, “Oh, that’s still here!” The sweet bookworm browsing next to me got very excited and asked me to sign the book for her after she paid for it. It made my day! No, my month. My year! And it turns out she’s from Kolkata too. You see, writing a book is just a part of the author’s life. Readers, book bloggers, reviewers, marketing, social media, fellow authors and so much more add to our careers and success. Here’s the picture with our faces cut off for privacy reasons 🙂.

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    1. Thank you! And I feel the same way. Which is why I edit more than I write for my freelance work these days.

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