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A New Novella

August was a productive month. I wrote another novella after a couple of months of zero word count. I worked on my anxiety with my therapist’s help. I started keeping an eye on my daily step count. AND we got some major repair and renovation work done in the master bathroom!

My novella, Past Marriageable Age, is available for preorder now. Before I post the links, let me tell you a bit about the book.

This protagonist – Koel – is older than my previous heroines. She’s almost 40 years old. Ranbir, the hero, is significantly older than her. So yes, my oldest romance hero so far.

While their story has romance and sex, there are lots of other emotions and relationships involved. And of course, there are flaws.

I hope you’ll welcome Koel and Ranbir with open arms, just as you loved Sush and Arjun in The Perfect Fake Boyfriend earlier this year.

Thank you for the support and happy reading!


Releasing September 16th

Pre order now!



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