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The Authors I Avoid

The writing community online is mostly supportive. Sometimes, you meet a few fellow writers offline too for some great conversation and insights on the business. But there are a few kinds of authors who I have learned to stay away from.

  1. The one who belittles writers who have opted for the self publishing route. Some of these writers often go ahead and self publish their own books later, conveniently forgetting their distaste for the same.
  2. The one who likes to jump on the side of controversy, calling fellow authors copycats and so on without reading a page of the book. It’s just fun to bitch about someone and maybe even become their friend later.
  3. The one who wants to be your best friend right before her book release. Suddenly, you have her full attention and she may even start sharing or liking your book promotion posts 😱
  4. The one who reads and reviews one of your books months after its release but expects you to read and review all of hers. And promptly too. Because some of us are just too busy unless we need something.

My fellow writers, always remember that support is a two way street. It doesn’t matter how many books you have out or how big your author brand is. Kindness, politeness and empathy matter!

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