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It’s been a mix of crazy productivity and zero work done thanks to viral fever. But yes, I managed to release my short story Mother & Son before the fever hit. This story explores various family relationships including that between siblings and that between a controlling mother and her son. So not my usual sweet romance or comedy.

If you’ve been following my book blog at, you’ll notice that I post book spotlights and Meet the Author on a regular basis. At the moment, these are chosen by invitation only.

I have been getting emails from aspiring authors and new authors who expect me to give them hours of advice for free and seem offended when I tell them that I have a consultancy fee. Time is precious and I have bills to pay. Also, please don’t ask for advice when you haven’t written even a word of your story yet🙈 To be a writer, the first step is to Write!

In other news, My Singapore Fling and His Search for the Perfect Bride are now free for Amazon Prime subscribers in India.

Happy reading and writing🙂

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