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A New Book Cover, Another Novella and More

I’ve been busy. First of all, please take a look at my new cover for my romantic comedy novella My Singapore Fling. My author friends say it is nice and summery. Changing book covers is a part of the self published writer’s life as we can experiment and learn what works and what doesn’t work with each book.

The second news I have is awesome writing news. So yes, I wrote another romance novella! It’s funny how some experts turn up their noses at the idea of a multi-genre author because I know many of us exist and lead happy lives with our books. I started my writing career with short stories for children and nonfiction books, and the romance genre was not in my career plans AT ALL. Fast forward to a little later when I found myself surrounded by romance authors and romance books — that’s when I decided to try my luck at it.

While I’ve been super productive lately, I managed to take a one day staycation nearby with my friends. Being the true writer that I am, I wrote a chapter in my notebook while the others paused for rest. Speaking of writing by hand, it looks like it’s a great way to get over writer’s block and gives me a chance to edit as I type up the scenes. Also, no Internet in my notebook to distract me.

Wishing everyone a good long weekend.

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