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2018 in a Nutshell

7C05D75A-6E61-4686-8382-7DDA93B3B40C.jpegAnother calendar year coming to an end. I don’t make any New Year’s Resolutions because that doesn’t work well with my anxiety issues. Instead, I continue to focus on my long term goals — which may have changed slightly along the way as all things in life change.  This year, I published Story Time (a collection of short stories), two short stories, a novella and a novel  on Amazon Kindle. This year, I spent more time working on social media for clients and myself. On the personal front, there was a terrible period where I thought I couldn’t go on anymore BUT I’m here. I survived. Anyone familiar with mental health issues will understand the struggle and then the triumph of coming out of it all in one piece. And finally, this year, I learned to let go of some toxic relationships that were with me for years.

Simultaneously, I learned how blessed I am to have kind, supportive friends. These are people who stood by me through my worst phases without making me say sorry for being anxious, depressed or a highly sensitive empath. I’m lucky.

The one-eyed beauty above is my Francie who came into my life this year. A precious angel ❤️

As we enter 2019, I’d like to thank you for following me. Thank you for reading my stories. And I wish you all good mental and physical health.




6 thoughts on “2018 in a Nutshell”

  1. In 2018 I Was Lucky Indeed To Get To #ReadAndReview 4 Really Beautiful & Heartwarming Books From
    The Pen Of SUDESNA ‘SUE’ GHOSH And One #NewsNow Remained On My Unfulfilled Wishlist As It Wasn’t Available.
    Come Feb.2019 And Proudly Have #ASweetMixUp On My #ReadAndReviewShelf…Hope I Get To Enjoy & Relish Lots More Books From SUDESNA Ma’am!!!

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