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A Snippet from My Small, Thin Indian Wedding

My in-laws found the story super cute. They remarked that I didn’t seem that shy. I was indeed shy expressing such deep feelings unless the object of my affection was a cat. Or dog. It was time to change the topic of conversation for my sanity, so I gestured at the bakery box on the table.

“I got you cheesecake, Emma. I mean, Mom.”

Her eyes lit up. They were like Nishant’s eyes, only with a couple of wrinkles around them. Nishant’s sexy broad chest and strong arms were like his dad’s. Plus, he worked out. Mixed race kids grow up to be so hot in my opinion.

“Welcome to the family, Reema,” Emma said, hugging me and Nishant at once. Meanwhile, his father took a picture of us, suggesting that the four of us take a selfie for the Facebook announcement.


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