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Writing from the Heart

So I recently realised that almost every book I’ve written, has a cat in it. My boy Rustom is quite famous in my social circles for this reason. The thing is, when you write from the heart without thinking about the commercial viability of your stories, the real you comes out. That’s why you’ll see 30+ female protagonists and rescue cats in my books! You’ll also see mention of parents as my own parents take up another huge chunk of my heart. In fact, Crazy Cat Lady Finds Love has not one, but multiple rescue cats in it.

When it comes to the romance bit, I like to visualise the purrrfect boyfriend and then write my heroes from those dreamy thoughts. I did that for A Perfect New York Christmas, My Singapore Fling, and now Crazy Cat Lady Finds Love – all my romance novellas. My hero in the latest, is a cat man and a professional who works with animals too!

I will announce my upcoming book/story soon but until then, please check out my e-books on Amazon sites worldwide and kindly leave a review if you enjoy my stories🙂


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2 thoughts on “Writing from the Heart”

  1. I hear you, Sue. I have a thing about featuring dogs in my book. But for my new WIP, I’m thinking of changing species… and having a cat! LOL.All the best with your upcoming book/story. 🙂

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