Depression, Human behaviour, Psychology

Good Mental Health is Wealth

Do you love yourself? Have you been nice to yourself lately? Stop being so hard on yourself.

Are you taking time out for self care? No, I’m not talking about visiting an expensive spa every week; I’m asking you if you’re taking that leisurely walk without your phone stuck to you. I’m suggesting that you go watch that movie or read that book that makes you happy.

Have you eaten some forbidden food recently? Cake to satisfy your sweet tooth or salty heavenly french fries for the owner of not such sweet teeth?

Do you spend time with people who care about your well being, including your feelings? I’m saying that you should stay away from the ones who say bye the moment you go beyond topics like shoes and bags. Anxiety or depression may not have hit your friends, but empathy is important.

Is anyone telling you to look different or be different? Who needs that kind of toxic behaviour? Not you. Not me. Not anyone. Be you. If you don’t feel good about yourself, work on being a better you. Comparison can kill your soul.

And remember that feelings change – so if you feel shitty now, you will feel better someday soon.



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