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Simple Lessons for Writers

It’s been a while since I’ve gone from aspiring writer, to occasional writer, to full-time writer. Along the way, there have been bumps – lots of them, in fact. Even with phases where I’ve hated myself or my writing and have thought of quitting, nothing has changed; I still love living in the world of books. So reading sprees and writing sprees continue to fill my life. The writers life is an odd mix of intense suffering and intense satisfaction. Maybe because passion rules the writer’s heart. Sadly, we cannot get carried away with our emotions and love for the craft if we want to make a living from it. Marketing and social media and other branding activities are a must. In this craziness, here are some points to never forget.

1) Nothing you write will ever be perfect. There will be bad reviews and negative comments about your stories. But that’s nothing unusual.

2) Non-writer friends will rarely understand how sacred your writing time is. You need to be firm about scheduling social meetings and making it clear that being a writer is a job.

3) Every moment that you don’t write will be painful. Why? Because we writers feel immense guilt while we procrastinate. But NEVER ignore self care if you need a few days off from the writing.

4) There are so many books out there, so you can’t just write a book and send it out to the world and expect huge sales figures. Even the highest selling authors spend a lot of time and effort on marketing.

5)Comparison can give you nothing but anxiety. Of course, there will be authors selling more than you. Their Amazon rankings can be much much better than yours, but real writers just keep on writing. Your day could be right around the corner.

6) Reading is important. So very important. In the last few years, I have read books from genres I didn’t touch before and it’s been a learning experience.

7) Editors and beta readers are a crucial part of the writer’s life. They stop you from sending total shit out to the publishing world. Use them.

I am done sharing my wisdom for now. It’s time to work on a new short story which I’ll be releasing on Kindle later this month. Hope you read it and enjoy it!

8 thoughts on “Simple Lessons for Writers”

  1. Hehe i can relate so well to the friends part you mentioned. They dont even care to even read a line or understand your thoughts. Nice write up!!

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