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E-books vs Paperbacks

Let me start with a confession: I didn’t read or like e-books until 2018. Yes, even after I published so many Kindle books myself last year. I was one of those readers who said that I needed to hold my stories in my hands to get the whole happy bookworm feeling. So what changed? First, I started exploring more authors from around the world, and unfortunately, my biggest Kolkata bookstore doesn’t stock most of these books. Second, the humans that I live with got sick of me taking up all the furniture with stacks of books. Sure, my mother is an avid reader too, but there’s not a single free surface other than the floor now. And finally, my experience as an indie author has exposed me to many other self published authors worldwide and I try to read and review several every month. The indie author community is supportive like that.

Of course, I still buy paperbacks. Like when I’m browsing at the store and see something I like. Or, if I see a book that my mother can read and enjoy too. She doesn’t use smart devices.

Recently, I read Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan on Kindle and LOVED it! So I thought I’d get the paperback version to share with my mom and the other two books in the series too. As expected, my Kolkata bookstore didn’t have any of them. E-books to the rescue!

Which format do you prefer, my fellow bookworms?

12 thoughts on “E-books vs Paperbacks”

  1. Kindle has helped me access a wider variety of books and discover new authors. I can read several books at the same time and also save on storage space. The paperback is losing its charm for me as the general quality of books has plunged: books fall apart even before one has finished reading them!

  2. For someone who’s an indie author and lives in a country where paperbacks are rather expensive and difficult to find, eBooks are my go-to option. But I’ll always love holding a paperback in my hands.

  3. I am actually comfortable with both. For huge, chunky books, (like HP7) I probably prefer ebooks. But for smaller ones which are light on my hand, I am fine with either.

  4. I was a print book lover till I ran out of space on my book shelves – now, I seldom buy a print book. Plus, ebooks can be read after lights out – in bed – without a bedside lamp disturbing the early-to-bed partner!

  5. Ebooks are usually more affordable–I’m more willing to take a chance on a new author or indie author. But I’ve also noticed that I need nonfiction in paperback. I seem to retain the information better. This is a new realization and could change, but it makes me wonder.

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