My Trip to Chhattisgarh

I just realised that I haven’t posted any photographs from my recent trip to Chhattisgarh. My three day trip allowed me to see the city of Raipur, the city of Bhilai nearby, two villages near Bhilai, and a third village where I found myself giving a motivational speech to a large group of school students – and signing autographs because they were so pleased to meet an author!

The aunties in the village were super excited to meet me and to hear my broken Hindi. And I was delighted to meet them and their pet cows and puppies too! This was actually my first trip to an Indian village. I’m a city girl who usually sticks to cities even when I travel. What a great change for me!

Being a vegetarian was no problem in the state and I got the opportunity to try new foods including a vegetable called Kakri which is like a long cucumber that doesn’t need to be peeled and burfis made of a medicinal plant called Tikhur.

Here are a few photographs for you.


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