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Why Books are Awesome 

My beautiful relationship with books began before I could read. I was blessed with a bookworm mother who loved taking me to the public libraries wherever we lived in the United States. Plus, she read books to me every day. Those activities and a house full of books made sure that I’d grow up to be a huge bookworm – and an author too. I mean, what’s the best career for a book crazy girl? Writing, of course.

Recently, an acquaintance commented that children shouldn’t be allowed to waste time reading story books. That got me worked up. If you have the privilege to read story books, or rather, to read and have access to all kinds of books, you are super lucky! Here’s why I think everyone should grow up reading books – lots of books.

1) Books teach you communication skills. If you read a lot,  chances are that your writing skills and speaking skills will improve. You’ll be familiar with proper sentence construction and  grammar, while building an extensive vocabulary list for yourself.

2) Books remind you that you’re not alone. You find out that other people in the world face death, bullying, body shaming, parents’ divorce, disabilities and so on.

3) Books teach you empathy. When you love reading, you can relate to every character as if he or she is right there. Thus, you learn to feel what another person is feeling.

4) And of course, books are a fantastic source of entertainment. Some of us would rather spend weekends reading than going out for the night. And don’t let anyone laugh at you for having your nose stuck in a book because bookworms grow up to be cool, thinking, feeling adults!

6 thoughts on “Why Books are Awesome ”

  1. I can see why the person who made that comment is an “acquaintance” and not a “friend.” What an utterly ridiculous thing to say. Reading is one of the best things a child can “waste” time on, much much better than just being given a game on a tablet. Sitting here steaming with righteous indignation 🙂

  2. Strange (& funny) some people think reading story books is a waste of time. My 5 year-old loves books (and being read aloud to), and I’m so glad!

    Some valid points here, Sue.

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