Self diagnosed with the Travel Bug

I’ve recently been self-diagnosed with the travel bug. Last year, I visited four Indian cities and this year, I’m already packing for my second trip to yet another Indian city (Raipur).

You see, I have a fascination for planes and airports – which is why I wrote my novella My Singapore Fling. My first journey by plane was at age 2.5 years when my mother brought me to India from the United States, to visit loved ones. She says that I behaved well whenever we travelled between the two countries, and that I even helped her with luggage and navigation in busy airports. My best experiences were at Bangkok airport when the airport staff admired my bald head (shaved as a local custom) and excitedly spoke to me and about me (I think) in Thai. They adored me so much that my mother felt ignored. But it’s a fun memory for us.

This year, I’m trying to put together my resources for a trip to Japan. I have already visited there during my childhood with my parents, but solo travel and traveling as an adult would be a different experience. Plus, one of my favourite Instagram Cats lives there, so I can visit him😁 I’ve also heard that the Japanese love their cats and sell cute stuff for them all over the country, so this Cat lady MUST go!

Until then, I will make myself content writing and tweeting about travel and visiting more places in India.

The photo in this post is of me in my kimono, purchased during my childhood family trip to Japan.6EA6C9DE-5843-471F-AD27-D54229958330.jpeg


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