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Writing is not for the Weak

My favourite aunt would call me Miss Ekhunni. In Bengali, that means Miss Now. She meant that I wanted everything RIGHT NOW. Whether it was a pair of shoes or a  book, I’d seldom wait. But then I became a writer. Patience became a part of my life. I had no choice. My first two books were traditionally published, so the whole process from first draft to final draft and approval and FINALLY the finished paperbacks, turned me into the Queen of Patience.

There are days when I’m ready to stop calling myself a writer, but that negative feeling wears off within 24 hours when I realise that  the world of writing and books is the only world I love. You see, writing is not for the weak. There will always be a writer whose books sell more copies than yours. There will always be people who smirk when they hear you’re a writer. And of course, you can’t write and publish a book in two days. So how do you stay sane?

1) Use social media wisely. Don’t waste precious writing and reading hours stalking other author’s pages. You could get insecure and demotivated. Compete with YOURSELF and make yourself a better writer with each book!

2) Don’t throw yourself into isolation just because you’ve read articles about writers locking themselves into their rooms for days. I used to do this. The fact is, we need to lead balanced lives with some social interaction just like other human beings. Writers fests, book launches and simple coffee and conversation can be de-stressing while providing material for your next story.

3) When you’re sharing your work with the world, be prepared to receive negative feedback. There are some mean reviewers out there. But if it’s constructive criticism, take it. I know authors with a few terrible reviews that they read, absorbed the useful points from, and then ignored. Focus on the positive feedback and the advice that can help your next story.

Hope this helps 😃



15 thoughts on “Writing is not for the Weak”

  1. Very good points here. I like being alone (not because people say that writers are lonely people and all that. I like my solitude). Also, I am very open to criticism. I think it’s good for the growth of a writer. No book has ever received 100% positive reviews. But, but…I waste a lot of time on social media, I think. It’s really bad for writing. Want to break this borderline addition.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I am quite addicted to social media but have decreased my time on Facebook which would cause me most anxiety. Good luck!

  2. Love the points you mentioned here, especially about leading a balanced life. For me to most properly function in my passion, I have to nurture the other elements about me as well. The other things that also make me whole. Great read here!

    Take Care,
    Priscilla Akayla.

    1. Thanks! I’ve self published 6 kindle books and a short story on kindle over the last one year and will continue self publishing this year.

  3. Writing is not for the weak. We sit cozy behind our desks or have compfy office jobs, but on the inside we are stressed and the path to recognition is dreadful. Patience, as you’ve noted is necessary, but so is determination, focus, and the brain power to be consistently creative. We have to have egos or the criticism will crush us. We must be outcasts because we think differently. It’s a little crazy to willinly go into the career of writing, but those who survive and connect with their readers are rewarded gratefully.

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