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Anxiety & the New Year

Happy New Year to you all! I’m back to work after allowing myself a couple of weeks to not stress about writing the next book. And I just realised that I must be the only writer online who has NOT written a long post about 2017 achievements and about my goals for 2018. The fact is that I worked super hard with my mind to keep my usual anxiety in check last year. Yes, I’m the lady who used to spend weeks without sleep because I was anxious about something or the other. Yes, I’m that lady who would focus all her energy on things that I couldn’t control at all. Thanks to a diagnosis of high blood pressure and other physical issues that come along with anxiety, I knew that it was time to train myself to be more mindful. So, 2017 was good for that.

Coming back to my missing blog post/social media announcement about year end cool stuff and new year cooler stuff; I like taking life one day at a time. Why? Because I wish everyone, including myself, good mental health in 2018. Think about the insecurity and other negative feelings that many of us feel every December. You know, those upsetting thoughts about people accomplishing more than you did, those photos of people getting married and buying expensive stuff. That sort of stuff can make you look back your year and hate it – and criticise yourself too. That’s something that I DID NOT want to repeat this year. What’s the point of wasting another December with stress and palpitations for company?

Okay, now put yourself in the mind of a person prone to anxiety and/or depression. Looking through a thick dairy with pages for almost 400 days can be overwhelming. While I am not against planning career and personal goals, I don’t encourage overdoing it. Life is unpredictable. Bad stuff happens. Good stuff happens too. Planning ahead in detail, 12 full months of the calendar can stress you out like crazy. Stress is bad for mental health and that in turn means that it can make you physically ill. So since I have become protective about my health over the last one year, I gave myself the gift of calm. Yes, I’ll continue taking life one day at a time. While I have a clear idea about what I want to accomplish, I will NOT go overboard planning weeks and months ahead because the anxiety and worry about if I can do it all, will make me sick and less productive anyway.


In 2017, I also put emphasis on self care. To me, realising all this and trying my best to stick to what is good for my mind, body and soul, has been a huge achievement πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Anxiety & the New Year”

  1. Wise beyond your years Sue. Goals are one thing but failure to achieve them is a necessary part of the process, and allows you to re-set and try again. Happy New Year πŸ™‚

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