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What Helps Writers

Every writer is unique. We have different writing styles, different writing rituals, and we live in our own unique worlds – both inside and outside our overactive brains. Still, I find that a few things help most of us writers to create more and to improve our craft. Here goes:

1) Being book-obsessed – Being a bookworm and spending hours reading books, analysing it from cover to backcover blurb and mulling about the characters and plot inside, is fun and necessary.

2) Loving stationery – It is good being crazy about index cards, post its and of course, notebooks; then you’ll always have something to jot down random thoughts. Like those sudden awesome plot ideas when you’re out eavesdropping on people’s conversations.

3) Possessing confidence – Let’s face it; writers can’t hide in their caves anymore. We need to talk about our books, relevant topics, meet people, attend fests – and confident people attract positive attention. Attention for you means attention for your work.

4) Having a pet – Having a cat or dog to take care of makes you get out of bed and have a routine. You can’t ignore a hungry cat or dog. You can’t avoid taking the dog for walks or cleaning the cat’s litter box. So you get up and get moving and then get to your manuscript or blog.

Four essentials in my opinion ^

2 thoughts on “What Helps Writers”

  1. Interesting take, I don’t know if I’ve come across the last one before. I had a writing teach once say, “If when you are at someone’s house and use their restroom – if you always look in the medicine cabinet – you may be a writer.”

    Thanks for sharing.

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