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Indie Publishing Pointers

So I didn’t do NaNoWriMo this year. Instead, I published my seventh book on Amazon Kindle, picked up valuable book marketing tips for indie authors, and took a great weekend trip to beautiful Vizag. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to start Book 8. I’m also ready to share some basic tips with new indie authors. Here goes:

1) Consistency is the key to indie publishing success. You can’t publish one book a year and expect to become rich and famous.

2) Marketing/book promotion is as important as your writing process. Give equal weight to both.

3) Don’t be selfish. Promote other indie authors too because we’re growing together as a community and not trying to kill each other off.

4) Pay attention to editing and proofreading because readers are paying for this. Plus, your book is your product and you care about how it looks, right?

5) Reviews can be bad or good just like life. Accept them and move on with a smile or a tear. Take the constructive feedback seriously.

6) Don’t keep on checking your sales stats or you’ll waste precious writing and marketing time and feel like shit often.


Hope this helps 🙂



12 thoughts on “Indie Publishing Pointers”

  1. Not #1 in my poor opinion (what would I know). Most successful authors construct their books over a period of time and only release them only when they’re good and ready. Quality not quantity. Admittedly you’re unlikely to get rich and famous writing one book and then sitting back to admire it 🙂

  2. All sound points. I think if you have the time, it’s definitely possible to produce more than one book a year. Some people might have trouble if they are scraping for time around a day job and family, but if you are far enough along the indie path to write full time, then I think three or four books a year, especially in a series are not impossible with the right production and marketing plan.

    1. Thanks. I do know some self published authors who make a decent monthly income from their books and all product at least three books a year.

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