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A Snippet from my New Release


“You waited years for this, Aditi! Just answer the damn phone,” she growled at me. So I did.
Ravi sounded warm. His voice still made me weak in the knees. Ugh. We exchanged a few lines like any two acquaintances would. It was polite conversation. He asked me how my family was doing. I asked him about his. We talked about my trip so far minus last night. That reminded me that we had been supposed to go to the dessert bar after dinner. All my fault.

He finally said what made me ecstatic and nervous at the same time; “Aditi, may I see you tonight?” My hangover should be alright by then, so I said yes in a polite tone. Later, Sheena said that I had sounded gleeful. I admit that I’ve never been great at masking my emotions. That got me into trouble. Only Ravi used to appreciate that. Like if I was angry at him, he’d know in minutes no matter how much I pretended to be normal. If I needed my own space, he’d know without a word. Nobody else had ever learned to do that. My exes needed to be told at every step. Yet, they expected me to read their minds. Maybe that was because only Ravi had loved me so much that he could read my heart…

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