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On Editing

Editing a manuscript is hard work. It is easier to write the first draft. Earlier, I would start editing immediately after I finished the draft. This time, however, I am following those authors who say that they let their work sit there for a while. So my chapters are taking a rest while my mind stays active. This is a good thing, I find. Why? Because I am allowing myself to play the scenes in my mind every day, often realising that there are better ways to bring out what I want my readers to experience. The more I replay crucial moments from my story, the better I can picture them.

Even language editing benefits from this gap between writing and editing; there are sentences and paragraphs that you can suddenly visualise as better written if you let the manuscript simmer a bit.

Writing and publishing are a long process, no matter which route you take (self publishing or traditional). There is no need to hurry to finish. Also, finishing your draft can leave you pretty exhausted, so taking a breather brings maximum energy into your work again.

Glad I followed this advice 🙂


2 thoughts on “On Editing”

  1. Absolutely! I always let my scenes simmer, moving forward and not looking back until months have passed and I no longer recall exactly how the book unfolds…and then I know I’m ready. In the meantime, I let my beta readers explore the story and tell me what they think so I can use their comments to help me gain a further new perspective.

    By the way, you might be interested in our Writers Club. We help to find beta readers for authors, and in my experience, they’re invaluable to the editing process (though not always “right” in how they think the story should be). 🙂

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