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Overthinking Writers

It’s no secret that social media encourages most people to compare their lives and success with that of others. It is also a well known fact that we writers have terrible insecurities no matter how well our careers are going at the moment. I’ve been a victim of these terrible thoughts, of course. Maybe one writer in the huge number of writers I interact with, has said, “I’ve written such brilliant stuff over the years!” I wish I had that confidence 24/7 – or at least, most days of the month.

So here are some of those negative thoughts that spin around in our overactive minds.

  1. “I took ages to publish my first book. A and B published her first book right after college.”

This thought ignores the reality of every person having a personal life/career path.

2. “Nobody’s going to read my book.”

Of course people will read your book but you need to market it well; there are TONS of books fighting for readers’ attention, right?

3. “I wish I had more time to write like C over there who keeps on posting about writing in the coffee shop.”

We all have the same number of hours every day and a LOT of writers balance full time work and a writing career or a hectic personal life and a writing career. Where there is a will, there’s a way.

4. “Oh my god. I can’t believe D is releasing yet another book this year! I suck.”

You must be lazy or lack time management and organisation skills IF you are also aiming to publish multiple books a year but not succeeding. The authors who publish/self publish multiple books in a short span of time, stick to a schedule.

5. “E writes books with bad grammar and crappy plots. How does E sell more than me?”

There’s no point wasting time and energy on E and E’s success or faults. Books don’t sell based on their writing only – in most cases, the way it is promoted and the author’s brand value matter A LOT. So focus on what YOU could do to get your book and your name out there.


Sounds familiar, my fellow writers? 🙂

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