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Being a writer is challenging. Explaining what you do to friends and relatives is just a minor part of the writer’s life. Writers who persist, learn the art of patience and the art of accepting rejection. But we also learn some things about the writing community as a whole. Here are a few observations –

1) Writers seek support from other writers because it can be a tough world out there. The whole slow and tedious process of writing and growing as a writer can drive you to madness.

2) Writers see a divide amongst themselves with the rise of self publishing. Unfortunately, too many traditionally published authors are quick to belittle the self published authors without realising what is involved in serious authorpreneurship.

3) The ebooks vs paperback debate continues between writers and readers alike. Some can’t imagine books without the ‘book smell’ while others need to hold something to feel attached to the words.

4) The writing community has opened up to authors and discussion of different genre including Young Adult and Romance. Earlier, literary fiction was the snooty and popular one.

5) And finally, my favourite point; social media has become a major part of the writing community. We’re spending lots of time online to spread word about our books and blogs while building our reader list too. Brand building and marketing ourselves and our work is a must. Some writers are forcing themselves out from their offline caves. Others are hiring help.

We writers are an ambitious lot. I like the idea of growing together with no judgement of creativity. That’ll help us all succeed.

2 thoughts on “About Writers”

  1. Rightly put. There are so many talented writers up here who weave the words with beauty. It is a great platform, just wondering how many of the writers in the old generation would have killed their passion finding no readers. Atleast we have an identity here. 🙂

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