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Writing for Children

I love writing for children. Wait, that’s not exactly how it is. The truth is, I am an overgrown child who writes funny stories for herself and then shares them with the world. In fact, my entry to the world of fiction writing started with short stories for children during my stint at The Telegraph features section.

Several stories later, I picked up and finished Just me, the Sink & the Pot. This was followed by the short stories of Ernie Fish – the cat expert – and his cats. I think I decided to grow up for a little and act my age when I wrote my one romance novella!

Yesterday, I released The Cheesecake Thief & Other Stories to the world. My beta readers said I got the sibling dynamics right in the story even though I’m an only child. Phew! My child beta reader enjoyed the stories. Phew again!

The sister pair Ruby and Rini are actually based on my mother and her late sister. My favourite aunt passed away in 2010 and was the biggest motivator in my writing career. She is probably the only family member who didn’t laugh off my dreams of writing books. When she died from cancer, I felt like my childhood had ended. It is then that I turned to writing more and more for kids. You could say it lets me stay stuck in that beautiful period called childhood  – when all the adults were healthy and alive and well and with me…

6 thoughts on “Writing for Children”

  1. “Funny stories from an overgrown child”- Nice👌 Its sad that you lost your biggest motivator, but you can definitely challenge yourself and be a “Motivator” for the upcoming generations!! More power to you..
    Wishing you all the success.

  2. The perks of being a writer…you can be whatever you want. And relive your childhood memories many times over. Keep writing! 🙂

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